Ayurveda is the oldest medical system in the world-which originated in India. It is used successfully for more than 5000 years. It is unique in having all its scientific information systematically documented and readily accessible even today. The background science on which Ayurveda medicine is developed is different from other systems of medicine. Ayurveda is eligible to be the global medicine, considering the strength of its treatment principles and insights into disease management. However, lack of professionally qualified Ayurveda practitioners outside India is a challenge in demonstrating  Ayurveda’s potential as an advanced medical system, globally.

International Ayurveda Medical Association (IAMA)

International Ayurveda Medical Association (IAMA) is  NGO registered in Spain.

It’s cardinal aim  is to:

  • Rightly represent Ayurveda Medicine worldwide.
  • Connect together the scattered global population of
        • Institutionally qualified  Ayurveda physicians,
        • Ayurveda masseurs,
        • Ayurveda enthusiasts and
        • Ayurveda patients
  • To unify the efforts to address various legal, political and technical matters  regarding  Ayurveda worldwide
  • Serve as a reference organization for all matters related to Ayurveda worldwide.
  • To enable spread authentic Ayurveda worldwide,

IAMA helps in determining the  quality standards for:

  • Ayurveda treatment protocols
  • Professional Ayurveda Education
  • Ayurveda treatment centers
  • Ayurveda research protocols
  • Ayurveda pharmacy
  • Therapist and pharmacist training

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