1. Ayurveda Pharmacopea of India:

Part I (has information regarding 418 individual herbs)

API-Part1-Vol-1 (80 herbs)

API-Part1-Vol-2 (78 herbs)

API-Part1-Vol-3 (100 herbs)

API-Part1-Vol-4 (68 herbs)

API-Part1–Vol-5 (92 herbs)

Part II (has information regarding 101 formulations)

api-Part2-Vol1 (50 formulations)

Api-part-2-vol-2 (51 formulations)

2. Glossary of terms in Ayurveda

The terms are either Sanskrit or English-the explanation in English


Disease and symptom names:

3. Ayurveda Research Portal (Goverment of India)

4. Ayurveda Drossier

Contains information about ayurveda published by the Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Sidha, Government of India

5. Repository of pharmacology of individual herbs according to Ayurveda Medicine (in Sanskrit)

6. Herbal medicinal products – European Union


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