IAMA is having members from eight different regions of the world:

      1. Europe
      2. India
      3. Asia
      4. North America
      5. South America
      6. Oceania
      7. Middle-East
      8. Africa

Four classes of memberes are eligible for membership  in IAMA

  1. Qualified Ayurveda Doctors
  2. Qualified Ayurveda Masseur
  3. Ayurveda Activist
  4. Organizations

There are two type of Memberships:

  1. Paid membership-Annual fee has to paid for the membership aand has voting rights to decide the governing body of the association
  2. Honorary Membership-Upon invitation, are inducted after decision from the governing body. No annual fee is required and has no voting rights to elect the governing body. Can use the title “Honorary Member of IAMA (Spain)” in their designations, as long as their membership is valid and is reflected in the association Website.

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