Campaign against illegal export and sale of restricted Ayurveda Products from source countries

Dear Ayurveda Patron,

We would like to invite your attention to the following issues from Australia: from Canada:

We would like you to know that, both the above listed issues have created serious discussions about the safety and quality of Ayurvedic products from source countries. After going through the initial documents and after communications with the concerned parties of the issue, we have come to the conclusion that the Australian issue is a result of incorrect/fake lab report originated from a government accredited lab in Kochi, Kerala, India and the issue in Canada is a result of illegal import to Canada through courier from source countries (India or Sri Lanka).

Our concern, as professional Ayurveda practitioners’ organizations, is that such issues will undermine the scope of Ayurveda internationally. And the lack of enforcement of any form of regulation is still not in place to prevent such illegal imports from source countries. We have found many such products are freely available in the global market where there is a regulatory restriction in place, these products are mostly provided by the online e -commerce portals and we are worried this situation will continue if there is no effective regulatory intervention.

We would like to inform you that we are in the process of creating a global initiative to address this issue and prevent such incidents in the future. We request your support and advice in this regard. Hope your team can study the issues and suggest possible solutions as well. Your reply as a responsible Ayurveda stakeholder is highly appreciated. Please find some products that are currently listed in Ebay and other online portals for sale in the EU and US as attached. Looking forward to your reply.

From, Dr. Vijay Carolin, MSc, BAMS

Head regulatory affairs, International Ayurveda Medical association, Barcelona.

For Global Ayurveda Network

Campaig for Global Guidelines for Ayurveda product export from India

The current scenario An Ayurveda doctor has been prohibited from any kind of health services in Australia by the Australian health authority. We believe It is one of the first situations where an Ayurveda practitioner is implicated in a prohibition from the local health authority outside India. The interim prohibition order in 2020 and 2021 can be read on the following links from The “Health Care Complaints Commission” which acts to protect public health and safety by resolving, investigating and prosecuting complaints about health care. It is an independent body set up under the Health Care Complaints Act 1993.

This issue has been addressed by the Global Network of Ayurveda practitioners outside India through various practitioners organisations and collected the details of this issue as per the Australian government and the affected parties and found the following issues which could affect all the Ayurveda practitioners outside India. As per the affected practitioners version he has used an Ayurveda product which has been legally purchased from a local importer and he was not aware of the high content of the Lead in the said product. The importer in turns mentioned that they have only imported the product through legal format and not aware of the laps in heavy metal certificate issued by the exporter /manufacturer The urgency of the matter We believe this statement is applicable to all the Ayurveda practitioners who have been practicing outside India and the statutory warning from Australian authorities are in place for all the adverse drug reporting networks for CAM across the world through relevant regulatory authorities.

The threat Practitioners are under the threat of being prohibited and prosecuted, · If they use the legally exported Ayurveda products which are found not compliant as per the local regulatory standards of respective countries. · if the products used fake/ forged /incompetent test reports or documents to get exported from India/source country. Other general issues in overseas market related to Ayurveda Products · Ayurvedic products coming through international postal services are also posing a threat as it doesn’t carry any legal documentations for export or any local regulatory compliance. · Hand delivered products to foreign clients from their Indian hospitals after the treatment also has to be regulatory complaint for relevant countries

Our recommendations

1, Take legal action against the illegal export practices by the exporter/manufacturers.

2, Implement customer friendly export documentation which prevents exporter/manufacturer from passing the regulatory requirements.

3, Digitalisation of export activities for effectives postal orders deliveries.

4, Support manufactures who have export readiness.

5, Strict monitoring of export requirements from India.

6, Promote Ayurveda products through export promotion activities.

7, A warning system to alert the Global Ayurveda practitioners about an adverse regulatory intimation.

Opinion Gathering Circulate a draft for global guidelines for Ayurveda export and collect valid opinions Consolidate and share it with relevant Authorities

Publish updated information in the public domain

Collect opinions from everyone involved,

Reach to all Ayurveda associations across the globe make every one heard

Stand for our fraternity and make your voice heard Action plan ·

Online meeting of the interested parties from different regions before 20th of November 2021 ·

Consolidate the document and share it with all concerned and Authorities Expected Outcome · Enforcing better export standards ·

Updation of regulatory requirements · Ensure Safe and fair practice of Ayurveda outside India · Recognition as a self-regulatory professional community ·

Improve the Quality, Safety and Visibility of Ayurveda Products and services

From, Dr. Vijay Carolin, MSc, BAMS

Head regulatory affairs, International Ayurveda Medical association, Barcelona.

For Global Ayurveda Network

Campaign aginst giving Government recognition to unprofessional ayurveda courses imparted outside India

Respected Sir/ Madam,

Greetings of the day,

Requisition to withdraw the efforts of RAV to recognise Ayurveda professional courses (which comes under IMCC Act 1970) done in foreign countries. Ref- 1. Ministry of AYUSH Gazette notification G.S.R. 946(E). 6 Dec 2019 2. F No 75-1/2020-21/RAV-Accred, dated 22nd February 2021, (Rashtreeya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth)

IFAD e.V, would like to bring to your notice a few points at the best interest of nurturing the authenticity of Ayurveda globally, with regard to the above mentioned subject. We have sent a requisition to the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India, to withdraw endorsement of Ayurveda professional courses which comes under the IMCC Act 1970, under the current prospect of accreditation programme of RAV as per the F No 75-1/2020-21/RAV-Accred, dated 22nd February 2021 and Ministry of AYUSH Gazette notification G.S.R. 946(E). 6 Dec 2019.

Please find the attached official requisition from IFAD e.V, towards amendment of the same. We look forward that you join in our efforts to urge the Ministry to take necessary steps to ensure the dignity of Ayurveda education and practitioners from our country.

We also request you to further circulate this to other concerned Ayurveda professionals and associations in your contacts.

Thanking you,

The Board members Indische Fachgesellschaft für Ayurveda Deutschland e.V (IFAD e.V) Kaulbachstr 51A, 80539, Munich, Germany

Board Members:

Anoosha N. Shastry Consultant for Ayurveda and Yoga – Ayurveda Institut Muenchen Priyanka Chorge Founder- Director AyurYogalaya, Hamburg

Sandeep D. Nair Research Associate, Department of Neurology, EVK Hattingen Ram Sharma Consultant Marma Chikitsa/ Ayurveda – Ayurveda Institut Muenchen

Prabha Burkhard Chief Consultant for Ayurveda – Praxis Burkhard, Munich.